the practice, the philosophy and the language of healing and alternative medicine for ourselves, for our communities, and for our nations

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So our present negativity about our nations and the way they work is not an accident?

No. It is a consequence of our detachment. We can only focus on the result, and the result is always disappointing. But the process never is. The process is in fact the reward. You can never create the perfect house. But the act of building it, is in itself a state of perfection.


But the individual who plunges into the very depths of unmitigated ridicule and contempt as our nation-states have done, would have entered into the realms of paranoia and melancholy; yes and into the realms of suicide itself.


It is stress. our nations suffer from it, and that is a fact of our modern post-industrial lives.

published 2002 by Albion Publishing
ISBN 978-09541990-0-5
What has been said about
Richard Dell’s book:

‘Richard Dell has written a thoughtful and thought-provoking book. In essence this is a political manifesto with a robustly spiritual core. He posits a newer, different way in which to arrange ourselves and our institutions.’

‘A deeply fascinating appraisal of the social and political ills of the western world and the ways in which they could be healed.’


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The most important book on politics and society in a generation. This is the new politics for the new millennium. Transferring the language and logic of healing into the arena of politics reveals what is wrong with our modern western politics, our modern western way of life; and what we have to do to change things.



1. The Key and the Journey

2. The Politician and the Patient

3. Beyond a Throbbing Thumb

4. We are not Machines

5. The Importance of Us

6. Don't Take Away My Pains

7. Legislation Junkies

8. Alibis Depart

9. Cure a Car and Heal a Person

10. Chinese Whispers

11. Don't Shoot the Messenger

12. New Prime Ministers for Old

13. Faith

14. Hope

15. Care

16. Fun

17. Share

18. Energy

19. Purpose

20. Truth

21. The Healing of Nations




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