the practice, the philosophy and the language of healing and alternative medicine for ourselves, for our communities, and for our nations

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Government is remote and the only real interface between 'us' and 'them' is mechanical and impersonal. That way is social and political decline and chronic if not acute social and political dis-ease.


We live in an age when governments have to be always doing. it is how they justify themselves. It is how they are. There is no peace from them, or for them anymore.




To contact us write to:

Richard Dell
PO Box 159
North Wales
LL30 9DG




Our politicians are legislation junkies, as so many of our doctors are medication junkies. And just as in the medical arena: we do not want to take responsibility for our ills, and we do not want to know about side-effects.

We are unreconstructed political hypochondriacs. We will achieve little of worth until we learn from the logic and language of alternative medicine, and especially from the logic and language of healing.

Forgiveness and gratitude are the great grail castles upon our social and political quest. They are signposts to a new and undreamed of greatness: a healing and embracing greatness not as yet seen on our planet.



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