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Welcome to our Healing Nations Forum. We want to open up debate as to how we organize ourselves as communities and countries, and above all on how we relate to each other. To contribute to our debate (e-mail addresses will not be displayed unless written into your contribution ), please click here: forum@healing-nations.com




it's good stuff. boy, written with a passion , but it's all there. it's helped me to understand what we have to do to make things better. but when are enough people going to know about it so that it can happen? i'm not optimistic!
28.02.08 No I can';t accept that from Matthew. Richard dell has got it absolutely right. healing is the answer. i don't think i had ever considered healing as having a philosophy before. But it does. And it is per4fect for how we run our communities and our society. It is a profound insight. Go and get the book, read it and then come back and asnwer your case. Sylvia MacPherson
26.02.08 Yes i heard him talk as well. I don't get what it's all about. load of nonsense if you ask me. but the talk was fun. I just didn't get what he was on about. What has healing got to do with how we live our lives? What's it got to do with communities? healing our bodies i can just about understand, though I'd much rather take a pill. Much less effort. But getting our dustbins emptied? What's that all about? Matthew Blake
15.02.08 Some years ago I heard Richard Dell give a talk on his book. He made the mistake of only bringing a couple of copies of his book so i didn't get to buy one then, though i have since. I liked what he said and also what he wrote because I think it brings the female perpective into poiltics for the first time. Not female in terms of women's lib or anything like that, but female as being a very different way of looking at our world compared to the traditional male way. You could say that orthodox medicine is very male orientated whereas alternative medicine and healing is female orientated. Thjere's a lot to learn here if we would all take the trouble to do that learning. AND THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Sylvia MacPherson
29.01.08 Yes I enjoyed the book as well. But it took me a while to get used to the passages of dialogue. I think it does work, and in fact i got quite involved with the four of them, and i suppose it did explain the ideas. Good overview of the different philsophies of orthodox and altrernative medicine. Worth reading just for that. John
21.01.08 Heh, this is a great book. You won't like me but I bought it secondhand. Got your website from the back of the book. But you've got it right. I've always been interested in healing; never occured to me you could use that idea politically. get the idea out there! Simon Lyndhurst
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