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‘Richard, are you really saying that ‘love’ is one of the keys to our social and political salvation?’

‘I most certainly am. People can become ill when they fall out of love, in other words when their relationships break down. It is the same with us socially and politically. We are not in a true relationship with each other. We leave everything to government, and then wonder why our communities are fractured. There are ways in which we can recreate the relationships between us, and thus make our communities and neighbourhoods whole again.’

Richard Dell is well known for his entertaining and thought-provoking talks.
Richard was an experienced and successful headmaster. He nurtured his school communities so that they flourished and were vibrant.
Now he shows us how we can do the same for our local communities and for our entire nations.

And what he proposes can work!

We believe that what Richard has to say should be heard by everyone. There are fractured communities, and an entire political system, which need to take heed of Richard’s ideas.

Richard has spoken at a range of venues including school sixth forms, spiritual and religious meetings, and political forums. To book Richard use the contact details on the right.

If you would like Richard
to give a talk, please write to:

Richard Dell
PO Box 159
North Wales
LL30 9DG




‘Anyone who hears Healing Nations--The Talk,
will come away changed.’


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